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Balance Education is a Melbourne based agency, providing many free services for international students.
We love to help every student, making the whole process of studying and living abroad effortless. With our extensive experience, we can support you choosing the best course of study, apply for an Australian Visa, apply for the health cover, solving every problem that may rise during the study, translating documents, etc.


Our services are completely free and in addition, we have many exclusive promotions on a large number of courses saving you money.

We have helped thousands of students to find a balance with their new life in this beautiful country.


We work in partnership with the best institutes in Australia which make easier for you to find the right path of study that best suit your needs.

Because of our background, we know that moving in a country with a different culture and a different language, is often difficult to understand how things work. That’s why we are more than happy to help you with the first steps that you need to take for a smooth arrival and settling, such as opening a bank account, buy the transportation card, finding the accommodation, how and where to look to find a job, how to apply for the TFN and last but not least, suggestions of the best attractions in Australia.

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