Marketing and Communications

Diploma of Marketing and Communication

Duration: 52 weeks

Intake: Weekly

Shifting the Assessment Mindset

In this workshop, participants will explore their beliefs and values around assessment. By reviewing current practices, participants will shift their practice to a more inclusive, student-centered experience. This workshop will also address stakeholder buy-in and a basic understanding of formative assessment through project-based learning. This also includes other assessment peripheries like extra credit, late work, homework and other compliance measures that don’t aid in assessment for learning.

Rebrand Assignments as Learning Experiences

Rather than just make an assignment to have a grade to put in the grade book, each learning experience should provide multiple pathways to learning where student voice and choice are highlighted in the experience of learning. Participants will take assignments they currently use and rebrand them into deeper, more memorable learning experiences that will target very specific learning outcomes.

Facilitate Student Partnerships to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Since school needs to be about the learner, it is essential to have learners involved in the development of their learning. By providing ample opportunities for students to partner with their teachers, students will be more likely to buy into the learning. In this workshop, participants will discover ways they can include students in the planning, designing and assessing of their learning experiences.

Tracking Learning Progress Transparently

The communication of learning needs to be on-going and specific to ensure all stakeholders know how they are doing. Traditional grade books don’t allow for the most important information, the actual progress of student learning. In this workshop, participants will learn how to provide feedback without grades against standards and success criteria in a way that students, families, and colleagues can understand. We will talk about how technology can aid in this communication.

Teach Reflection!

At the heart of learning is reflection, the metacognitive process that allows us to dig deeper into the understanding of what we know and can do and what we continue to need practice with. Teaching students to be reflective in their practice will go a long way to helping classroom teachers be more effective in their instructional practices. In this workshop, participants will learn what excellent standards-based reflection looks like and how to help students enrich their meta-cognitive practices. Educators will learn to scaffold the process and learn to embed reflection for better student learning and teacher feedback.

Teach Students to Self-Grade

Grading is the most laborious part of being an educator and too often we get it wrong. If we can engage students in a meaningful way in the process, think about how much more useful our communication of learning can be. In this workshop, participants will learn how to bring students into the assessment process. We will talk about co-creation of rubrics and success criteria and how to get students to look more objectively at their own learning on a mastery scale. This workshop is ideal to be done with students and teachers alike.

Defending learning with student-led portfolios

Report cards are but a snapshot and by the time parents see them, they are usually obsolete. Portfolios is a far more productive and meaningful way for students to express their growth as learners and for schools to communicate progress. In this workshop, we will discuss the steps to building successful portfolios: collection, selection, reflection, and connection. First participants will learn to teach students what to collect and why, how to select their examples of learning, how to write reflectively about growth and then connect the learning across contents.




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